Window Cleaning Season. Planning for Issues and Solutions

As spring has finally arrived, so has window-cleaning season at ServiceMaster Clean Residential Vancouver. With it inevitably comes complaints. Here’s a common example.

Screen No Screen

This is a window where the screen was not removed. Its pretty evident when the left side seems completely clean, while the right has speckling from weathering. How can we avoid it and how to handle it, is the focus of this article.

So we first off try to avoid as many problems as possible. One of the most important things we do is send out a building notice a week or two before informing residents of the work that will take place and anything they must do. This can include having their windows closed for a specific time, special access requirements and/or removing screens. These notices must be posted in a visible place, and should not be changed in any way.

Once the work is completed, we have a straightforward process for handling concerns over a seven-day review period.


  1. Make sure the window you are concerned about was included.
  2. Please Clean the Inside Surface of The Window (Now with more light from the outside you can see the inside))
  3. If your screens were not removed and windows closed your windows would not have been cleaned and we are not able to return.
  4. Still not happy, it happens, that’s okay email us with your unit number and the window you are concerned also please include a photo of the window.

NEXT STEPS (If the above steps don’t address the concerns.)

  1. We will set up a return visit.
  2. The window will need to be identified from the interior with a piece of paper
  3. If your building is a high rise we may need access to the affected suite.

What are some other common issues? Watermarks and streaks, which is caused when the window dries too quickly after being washed. Experienced technicians can minimize the possibility of them developing (often by using the minimum amount of water), but even they run afoul of this issue.

Tucker Pole Dried Funny

Watermarks are easily resolved: a quick rewash will remove them as the following photo illustrates.

re cleaned window

The watermarks are immediately gone, and the window will likely dry streak-free. We do re-services for this sort of issue.

Another common issue is un-cleaned window interiors. Often, a technician will do a pass through a location, and a resident will complain that they see no difference. In many cases, there is an internal buildup, which is the issue. We typically ask that residents try to clean their windows as a first step before calling in for a re-service. More than once we have arrived at a site only to find the window has been cleaned, but the interior is the issue.

In order to best serve you, following the steps outlined above can make all the difference.Ideally we would like to deal with all of the issues in one return visit. We do ask that that clients collect all of the defects into a single communication, so we can deal with them in one go. Having pictures of the issue and marking it by a sticky note when our crews arrive also helps us fix the issue.

All in all, we hope that this may have been informative and helpful this spring season. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to call us at 604 435-1135, or email us at