ASG – Annual Maintenance Programs – Pricing Model – Options

Our goal is to keep things simple, create long term relationships, and be highly responsive to your needs. Simply check off what services the site would like to approve and select the option of either a One Time – Project Work or automatic annual scheduling to enter into an Annual Service Agreement.

One Time – Project Work

No commitment needed, approving the service to be completed one time.

Automatic Annual Scheduling

This is a program where we automatically schedule a service at the set price from the year before. It is not a contract, but simply the expressed intent to have the work selected completed every year around the same time.

Annual Service Agreement.

This plan is created to lower costs and ensures that the building stays on track of its regular maintenance. This can help maintain warranties and ensure safe proper functioning of various items. Our Annual Service Agreement is a pre-planned, twelve-month cleaning schedule for three or more services.

This is how it functions

  • To qualify, you must commit to 3 services annually
  • Services are scheduled as per the service calendar
  • 7% discount applied to each service
  • Each service is invoiced individually upon completion
  • Not a contract (30 days cancellation notice)

Connected Customer View – 360 Degree

We also have the connected customer lifecycle, which unifies our customers, field, and back office processes. Field Service is pushed to mobile teams and real-time status is synced to a record system. Field teams provide notes on the status of their work, photo evidence, and next steps. This allows us to maintain complete service records of every service completed, as well as centralized Account Management and Health and Safety plans in place for each site.