APG Annual Project Agreement

At ServiceMaster Clean Residential we are always trying to improve on everything we do.  One of our key objectives is to make it easy & simple for Residential Strata Managers to work with us.

A part of this is introducing tools like our “ANNUAL PROJECT AGREEMENT”, which lessens the work load of the property managers by saving them time, and allowing them to plan budgets.  


Here’s how it can help you.

Every year we follow up on the annual project work (window cleaning, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, etc.) performed the previous year to re-schedule it for this year.  Some buildings we have strong relationships with and we simply send over a notice for posting and the price is the same as the previous year.  This process is simple, easy for everyone involved, and the basis of our “Annual Project Agreement”.


Other strata managers need to seek approval or gather new quotes each time. This process often causes delays on relatively low cost and routine cleaning services.  When the building  previously gathered and compared quotes they could see if our pricing was competitive and provide value.  With the conditions that the strata was happy with the service during the last year(s) and the price is the same, wouldn’t it be easier to simply be notified of when the service is and be provided notices for posting?


To that end we have introduced our “Annual Project Agreement” on our quote forms.  It gives the strata the peace of mind knowing that they will get the same great service for the next 3 years at the same price.  To cancel this agreement at any time with no penalties or hassle, they only need to send in 30 days written notice.


To sign up your buildings for an Annual Project Agreement you will see the option on each quote.  It will look like the sample below. If you would to have a building we currently service for you sign up for an “Annual Project Agreement” let us know and we will send over the quote with the annual project agreement option on it.  Just check the box and we will contact you with dates in advance of the service to arrange the annual cleaning.


The “ANNUAL PROJECT AGREEMENT” is different from our “ANNUAL SERVICE AGREEMENTS”(link to etips) in that it is for one service only, and our “Annual Service Agreements” are for our a bundle of 3 or more services which then saves the building 7 % on their cleaning services.