yellow sprint mid riseSoft Washing System

Soft Washing is a cleaning method combining low pressure water pumps and solutions (often a weak bleach or an enzyme based solution) to remove all manner of growth on a building’s facade. These are sprayed on by hand, and the liquid solution will work to break up any of the contaminants, which are then washed off using water with some mechanical agitation (aka brushes). A key part of the process is the selection of the right solution for the job. We’re careful to use the minimum amount possible, and ones that are biodegradable so they don’t have any consequences for a location. Soft Washing is often combined with a organic-growth retarding application to the surface, so to reduce the need for a follow-up cleaning.

Soft washing is fundamentally different from power washing – it does not employ high pressure water streams that can damage many building surfaces. Soft Washing is extremely effective at removing organic matter from buildings, such as mildew, mosses, lichen and algae, and is recommended by many professional associations as the primary approach for cleaning facades and roofs. Upper floors can be cleaned using tucker poles with integral water systems to clean off the areas effectively.

Roof Cleaning – Treatment

Roof cleaning uses much of the several of the same approaches as soft washing, but with some significant difference in technique. First, crews almost certainly need fall protection training and gear so to ensure their safe operation on a roof. Furthermore they also need to have the right footwear and awareness so not to damage a roof surface or protrusions from it, like vents, skylights and chimneys. Finally roofs tend to have rougher, pitted surfaces, that organic growth tends to grown within and are difficult to remove. A key focus of roof cleaning is the bacterial Gloeocapsa Magma, is the source of the black stain lines often visible on roof surfaces. The our solutions tend to require greater dwell time on a surface and mechanical agitation to have the best outcome. At ServiceMaster Clean, we’re highly aware of these challenges, and bring our technical knowledge to each job we service.

Eyebrow Cleaning

tower sketch-4Eyebrows are the areas at the base of verandas, decks and other features. While they cause fewer potential problems compared to other aspects of building maintenance, they are they are also some of the most apparent visual features on a building.  Cleaning them should usually be undertaken at the same time as a façade and/or window cleaning. This should improve efficiencies as crews can clean all three at once, and keep the building’s appearance uniform.

Balcony & Patio Cleaning

Over time discolorations and stains may occur due to normal usage despite the best efforts of residents to keep it clean. These cannot be cleaned through regular methods and require more aggressive cleaning methods, such as power washers, sweepers or hand scrubbing with a release agent.

Given the disruption this would cause if everybody cleaned their own balconies with such methods, it is best that a strata periodically organize a cleaning for all residents. This also ensures that any runoff from the balcony washing is properly managed, cleaned up and does not affect the appearance of units below.