yellow sprint mid riseThe wet South Coast climate is an ideal locale for biologic growth to start on any surface. These can cause damage to the surface, and well as diminish a building’s potential value. To clean these surfaces we use three different approaches: scrubbing, pressure washing (where safe) and preventative treatment application. The latter can be an extremely effective method to delay the natural onset of growth. However when selecting a treatment care must be taken to ensure that it must not damage the building façade. Thus our staff will examine a site and determine the best approach to take, and provide you with a quote. This will dramatically improve a building’s appearance, and keep it looking its best for a long time.


Hand Cleaning/Soft Wash


  • These generally involve an individual cleaning the surface with mechanical action. This usually includes a water brush of some sort, with soap or some other agent used to loosen dirt and growths.
  • This can be the most thorough approach to cleaning the façade but it is also the most time consuming. It is best used in cases where other techniques are unavailable or there are particularly stubborn issues on the surface.

Pressure Washing

  • Very effective and efficient: will remove almost everything from a surface.
  • The high-pressure spray can damage wood, old vinyl and even certain types of brick. Thus it is critical that the façade is tested beforehand for its durability.


Cleaning Solutions

  • Solutions are used often in conjunction with hand cleaning or pressure washing. They help to break down hardened grime that can’t be removed through either option alone.

Eyebrow Cleaning

tower sketch-4Eyebrows are the areas at the base of verandas, decks and other features. While they cause fewer potential problems compared to other aspects of building maintenance, they are they are also some of the most apparent visual features on a building.  Cleaning them should usually be undertaken at the same time as a façade and/or window cleaning. This should improve efficiencies as crews can clean all three at once, and keep the building’s appearance uniform.

Balcony & Patio Cleaning

Over time discolorations and stains may occur due to normal usage despite the best efforts of residents to keep it clean. These cannot be cleaned through regular methods and require more aggressive cleaning methods, such as power washers, sweepers or hand scrubbing with a release agent.

Given the disruption this would cause if everybody cleaned their own balconies with such methods, it is best that a strata periodically organize a cleaning for all residents. This also ensures that any runoff from the balcony washing is properly managed, cleaned up and does not affect the appearance of units below.