Whether it be a 40 story tower, low rise or a townhouse complex, our window cleaning crews are highly proficient at getting glass looking crystal clear. Safety is large part of exterior window cleaning and our technicians are certified Sprat Rope Access Technicians armed with a comprehensive site specific safety plan in place for each job site.

Window cleaning can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a building, both on the outside and the inside. From the inside, a proper cleaning of the external glass allows more light into individual units. From the outside, clean glass will certainly make the building look much more attractive.

Rope Access System

Rope access is the safest and most effective way to undertake work on the side of a high rise building. It offers a fast, safe and flexible approach to building maintenance and cleaning. First, rope access technicians are certified through one of two regulated bodies, SPRAT or IRATA. They must pass a demanding series of qualifications and testing in order to obtain their certification. They maintain logbooks their and undergo continual updating to their operations. Technicians are always securely fastened to multiple points of contact with the rope, making the chances of an accidental fall non-existent, and they can self rescue if they encounter trouble. The system is also remarkably flexible, allowing users to move around fairly freely, and allows for horizontal transfers to other lines, increasing their ability to work a large area quickly. This makes it safer and more efficient than Bosun Chairs. Its as fast as stage lifts as well, and far safer.

Pure Water System

Pure Water System removes impurities before it is fed through water fed pole and brush. It greatly reduces the prevalence of water spots on window surfaces, the most common complaint in Low Rise window cleaning.


Health and Safety

A core part of Service Master Property Services’s culture is health and safety – the welfare of our staff are of paramount consideration. Everything we do in the field at a very minimum meets or exceeds Worksafe BC’s regulations. It starts with our initial orientation with a new employee, where the go through a rigorous safety training process, before they are released into the field. This includes our own internal regulations on their conduct in the field. We have a full time health and safety officer who oversees this area and undertakes unannounced inspection visits on all of our staff. All jobs require a safety plan to be completed before work commences, and our safety first culture demands that if it cannot be done safely, it cannot be done at all.