How We Work

  • Floor Care

    Floor Care

    The first step is contacting us through the website, calling or emailing us. Our manager will usually arrange a meeting on site and develop a quote. Once agreed on, we provide building notices, and updates on the upcoming work. When the work is completed, we send a final report on the service.

    Floor Care
  • Exterior Services

    Exterior Services

    After contacting us, our manager, who is certified Level 3 rope access technician, will go over your requirements and create a quote. If accepted, we prepare building notices, site/safety planning. Once the work is finished, we send a completion report and correct any deficiencies.

    Exterior Services
  • Janitorial


    Once you’ve contacted us, our service manager will start a dialogue to develop a collaborative idea of your requirements, and how we can best suit them. We then assign a staff and an operations manager to manage the seamless transition to our operations, and you’ll receive monthly reports on your building’s cleaning.

    Janitorial Services

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  • Innovators in Floor Care Maintenance
  • Innovators of Gutter Maintenance Programs
  • 25 Service Vehicles and 80 Team Members
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  • Comprehensive Strata Cleaning Services
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  • Window Washing, Duct Cleaning and Soft Washing
  • Serving the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Area

Annual Service Agreements

Building management is a never-ending process, with a constant stream of necessary services and cleanings. Our annual service agreements are intended to take some of that workload off your shoulders. Our team will sit with you to understand your needs and budget, tailoring a cleaning plan to suit your specific circumstances. We then schedule a series of cleanings according to the agreement. Our service agreements actually lower costs and provide better outcomes. We become more efficient at cleaning locations we regularly service, then pass the savings onto you.

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