blower vac guy 2For over twenty years, ServiceMaster Clean Residential Vancouver has been synonymous with Dryer Vent Cleaning: its one of our core services. We’ve cleaned hundreds of thousands of vents in that time, from one room bungalows to a thousand unit high rise apartment buildings. Our crews are highly experienced, and can diagnose and solve any problem they may encounter.


The most common issue with improperly maintained dryervents is water damage.  When a blockage occurs, condensation forms and collects within the pipe. Over time it will sag and crack the vent, potentially  causing thousands of dollars in damage to the surrounding structure.



Dryervent Cleaning Technique

The primary tool for vent cleaning is high pressure air blown through a skip inserted into the pipe. This system pushes (or pulls) any debris like lint, dust or other small items that may have been spit out from the dryer.

Dryer Vents Diagram 2