One should carefully consider which cleaning method to use when washing a building’s exterior. Choosing the wrong method or neglecting the task can make your building look ugly. Worse yet, the wrong cleaning method can damage your building permanently. Soft washing is often the safest and most effective method for cleaning delicate structures which could be damaged by pressure washing. ServiceMaster has decades of experience soft washing building exteriors across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We have the equipment and expertise needed to safely and effectively clean your building from top to bottom.

Soft Washing Building ExteriorsSoft Washing System

We use a wide variety of methods to tackle building façade cleaning and soft washing is one of the tools at our disposal. Soft Washing is a cleaning method that combines low pressure water, pumps and chemical cleaners to gently wash a building’s exterior without the use of high pressure.


We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove a variety of organic growth from building exteriors. We hand spray these chemical solutions on areas and allow them to react with organic debris such as moss and algae. Once the cleaning product has finished reacting, we wash it off with water. We also use soft brushes to help remove any organic material when needed.


Soft washing is very different from power washing. Soft Washing does not use high pressure water streams that can enter a buildings envelope during cleaning. Because of this it is less likely to do mechanical damage or promote rot. Many professional associations recommend these methods to wash buildings because they are very effective at removing organic matter. Upper floors can be cleaned with the help of tucker poles to clean off the areas effectively.


A key part of the soft washing process is the selection of the right solution for the job. Our experienced teams carefully select products with consideration to safety, effectiveness and environmental impact. In some cases we add an organic-growth retarding treatment to the surface to reduce the need for a follow-up cleaning.


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Eyebrow Cleaning

Soft washing Vancouver Building Facade cleaningBuilding eyebrows are the areas at the base of verandas, decks and other features. When it comes to building cleaning, eyebrows are often overlooked, because they cause fewer potential problems in terms of building maintenance. Cleaning a buildings eyebrows is important to the overall look of a building because the eyebrows are also one of a buildings most visible features.


Eyebrow cleaning should usually be done at the same time as building façade cleaning or window cleaning. This will improve efficiencies as crews can clean all three at once, and keep the building’s appearance uniform.

Balcony & Patio Cleaning

Despite the best efforts of residents to keep them clean, discolouration and stains will eventually occur on most balconies due to normal use. Often, these stains cannot be removed through regular cleaning methods and they will require more aggressive techniques, such as power washing, soft washing and hand scrubbing.


If everybody cleaned their own balconies with these methods at different times, it would be disruptive to other residents. We recommend that building managers and stratas organize these cleanings for all residents, to ensures that any runoff from the balcony washing is properly managed, cleaned up and does not affect the appearance of the units below.


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