You should carefully consider what cleaning method you want to use to clean your building’s roof.¬†Choosing the wrong roof cleaning method can damage your building permanently. With decades of experience soft washing building exteriors and roofs across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we have the equipment and expertise that you need.

Roof washing and treatmentSoft Washing System

We’ve researched and experimented with different roof cleaning methods for decades. One of the best methods for removing moss roofs and keeping it off is soft washing. Soft washing is very different from power washing. It is a cleaning method that uses low pressure pumps to gently spray water and chemical cleaners which kill and remove moss and algae. Soft Washing does not use high pressure water streams that can damage or infiltrate a buildings during cleaning. Because of this, our methods are less likely to do mechanical damage or cause water infiltration. Many roof manufacturers recommend chemical roof treatments because they are very effective at killing organic matter such as moss without damaging the roofing system

During roof soft washing, we spray a safe and environmentally friendly bleach solution on the roof and allow it to react with debris. In extreme situations, we also manually remove moss and other organic debris before applying this roof treatment solution.

A key part of the soft washing process is the selection of the right cleaning solution for the job. Our teams carefully select products that will have the least amount of environmental impact and are the least likely to damage your building. We often add an organic-growth retarding treatment to the surface to reduce the need for a follow-up cleaning.

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Roof Cleaning – Treatment

Throughout the Lower Mainland, we frequently use soft washing for roof cleaning. Roof Cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics. Building owners in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland must often replace their roofs prematurely due to the damaging effects of moss. Organic material, such as moss, can easily stick to roofs because most roofs tend to have a rough, pitted, surface. Moss make your building look ugly and reduce the lifespan of your roof by up to 10 years.

The goal during roof washing is to kill only the organic material on the roof and not to damage the roof system or surrounding flora. During roof cleaning, the soft wash solutions that we use tends to require a greater dwell time and often require additional agitation with a soft brush for the best outcome.

Crews cleaning roofs require additional training and fall protection equipment to ensure they remain safe while roof cleaning. Workers also need to have the right footwear and awareness to ensure they do not damage a roof surface or vents, skylights and chimneys.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we’re highly aware of these challenges, and bring our technical knowledge to each job we service.