Gutter Cleaning

“Innovators of Gutter Maintenance Programs”

Few Geographic areas are as rough on gutters as the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. With our dense, diverse forests, gutters are frequently exposed to large amounts of leaves dropping from trees in the fall. Moreover our strong winter storms tend to deposit large amounts of small branches and nettles from coniferous trees, which quickly create blockages within troughs and downspouts. Finally, there’s the heavy levels of precipitation, both in the form of rain and heavy, wet snow, which can quickly overwhelm gutter system. This can have serious knock on consequences if not quickly remedied – water damage inside buildings and drainage issues surrounding foundations, to name a couple.

ServiceMaster Clean Property Services are major innovators in this field. We have made smart investments in technologies and techniques – such as gutter cleaning vacuums that can quickly and effectively clean large gutter runs, and aerial lifts to expedite cleanings. This is all done with the highest safety standards – ServiceMaster Clean employs fall arrest systems, with trained personnel operating on clear work plans set up each morning.

Gutter Maintenance Programs – 12 Month Plan

Furthermore we have also developed new approaches to providing services, known as Programs. Simply put, its our way to manage all of these challenges in the easiest possible fashion for our clients. Buildings on a program receive one full cleaning and unlimited spot cleanings; thats where we return back to a location if any blockages or other issues occur, and remedy them. Our staff will document the issue, how we dealt with it and provide a real time field report. It provides peace of mind for our clients at a great value.

Gutter Cleaning Advanced OptionService Master Van

Another variation is Gutter Cleaning Advanced Option – in addition to all of that, we also do a full clean in the spring, and a lighter clean in the fall – this is recommended for locations that have mostly coniferous evergreen trees that tend to create blockages when their branches break during winter storms. We then do a smaller clean in the fall to ensure that the gutters are ready for the coming winter – its often a more cost effective approach to dealing with a locations’ unique circumstances.