sprintParkade Cleaning is commonly overlooked when considering how to keep a building healthy and clean. Since most are under cover and/or poorly lighted, and parking areas are generally expected to be “dirtier”, they are not considered an area for regular cleaning. Nevertheless a clean parkade is essential for keeping an entire building clean. They are a major source of contaminants that are brought into a building. This includes oils, soil, salts and other chemicals from automobiles, storage and waste disposal facilities. They get tracked onto interior surfaces like carpets and hard surface floors, where they can cause discolorations and/or permanent damage. Thus its essential for buildings to have a periodic parkade cleaning as part of its general cleaning strategy.


The primary method of cleaning these areas is pressure washing, which quickly and efficiently dislodges and removes most dirt and solutions from all surfaces. During periods of water restrictions, we can bring in water tanks that meet municipal and regional guidelines for water usage. For areas where we are unable to use pressure washing, we can use scrub brushing to achieve the same effect.