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ServiceMaster Clean Residential Vancouver, is independent residential services business that operates in the Lower Mainland. While its a licensed ServiceMaster business, We are independently owned and operated, and have been servicing the Greater Vancouver region since 1990. Originally we offered Carpet cleaning, but within five years we started to provide janitorial services and exterior/ventilation work. Since then we have worked hard to develop these four service areas, and they account for virtually all of our work. The only major change has been to our focus on rope access for building exteriors, which we started around 2005 due to our customer demands. Similarly, our focusĀ  back then was on providing a high quality of service at a reasonable price; this also remains true today.


Originally our business was located in Burnaby on Beresford road, however by 2006 we started to outgrow our location. So after a bit of a search, we found a (then) new development on WestMinster highway. The building had not even been finished: we worked out of a trailer for a few months while our unit was being completed. The location was perfect: it is the central confluence of a number of major arteries that reach all across the Lower Mainland, while still very close to the downtown core of Vancouver. In 2015 we bought the adjoining unit and expanded our office space yet again, and expanded into Whistler, offering the same services there as in the GVRD.


One of the areas that we really push is taking care of our staff. We offer better than industry average wages, while trying to avoid seasonal disruptions that are common among many other providers. Consequently many of our staff have been with us for ten, even twenty years. This also helps us to provide better services for our clients: often our staff have been to the building a number of times before and are more efficient and more knowledgable of how to service it.

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