Our Story

Property Services Cleaning Company

ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver opened its doors in 1989. Initially we only offered two service lines – Carpet cleaning and janitorial. There were two vans and 8 staff members.

From early on, our company showed an interest in innovation. Some of it was small, like devising new techniques for carpet cleaning using different products. Others were much broader, and affected the way our entire company did business.

These efforts were fostered by an emphasis on our staff members – this included creating a positive, inclusive and professional environment. People were encouraged people to speak their minds, take pride and ownership in their work, and also see the company as a place to grow. A large majority of our staff have worked with the us for over five years, with a significant number passing 10, 15 and even 20 years of service. This gave them the opportunity to find ways to do their job better and then have a receptive audience for those ideas.

Perhaps one of the more significant innovations occurred with the development of programs. Essentially, these are ongoing cleaning relationships between Servicemaster Clean and our customers locations. We realized that many locations were fine with a set schedule for specific cleanings, but they required a reminder otherwise they would forget. We also found that when set schedules were in place for carpet cleaning and the same staff dispatched to undertake the work, they started discover efficiencies that allowed them to complete the clean faster. Carpet maintenance programs were such a success we extended the concept to gutter maintenance cleaning five years later, and then developed a cold weather service program in 2015.
In addition to programs, we started venturing into new service areas, such as ventilation cleaning in 2008. Perhaps our most significant foray was into rope access two years later. We also expanded our range of operations to the sea to sky corridor that year, which covered Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

Finally ServiceMaster Clean also started to employ new and creative ways of organizing our business. We were an early adopter of CRM and other digital management systems, but in 2013 we decided to utilize salesforce as a backbone for our sales, marketing and field management efforts. Furthermore we started adding operations and case management programs to better serve our customers. This, combined with our creative staff and committed to excellence is how we got to where we are today.