Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

Carpet cleaning vancouver


Carpet Cleaning Vancouver

As a locally owned and operated business with deep experience in the field since 1986, ServiceMaster has a long history of carpet cleaning in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland. Therefore, we know carpet and our customers needs. Whether it’s an annual cleaning or ongoing maintenance, our floor care process ensures the highest standards for cleanliness and longevity.


Our parent company, ServiceMaster Canada, has been a leader in the cleaning industry for over 60 years. This is because, over the decades they have the developed innovative techniques to ensure that we can handle any situation. For example, ServiceMaster Canada launched the spotlight program in 1973, (known as the Capture and Removal System). This system was a major breakthrough in carpet cleaning technology. Together this technology combined with our commitment to quality and exceeding our customer’s expectations, has resulted in high levels of satisfaction among our carpet cleaning clients in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.


Check out our Capture and removal system.

Power Vacuuming

Power vacuuming is part of a carpet cleaning system that allows buildings to maintain a high level of cleaning without constant carpet extraction or maintenance. This powerful system shakes a carpet right down to the pile, allowing for 80% greater particle removal than a regular vacuum. When combined with powders that bond with oils, this system can keep a carpet cleaner for longer before an extraction is required.


Interim Cleaning

We provide interim carpet cleaning services in Greater Vancouver. This is when the cleaning takes place between vacuuming and deep cleaning. Interim maintenance acts as a stopgap between power vacuuming (or just regular vacuuming) and a full restorative clean, It does this by removing a larger proportion of the particulate in the carpet which could damage its fibres. Furthermore, it also refreshes its appearance by having the fibers stand upright and cleaning any soiling that darkens its appearance.


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Restorative Cleaning

A full restorative carpet cleaning should take place at least once a year to remove the accumulated soil in high traffic areas. This is because soil is the natural enemy of carpet. It damages carpet fibres through abrasion, which dulls its appearance and gives it a fading or matted appearance. Moreover, the carpet can be damaged due to the progressive accumulation of oils, chemicals and organic compounds. The compounds create discolouration which is difficult to remove. All of these can prematurely age the carpet and ultimately require a costly replacement.


Unlimited Spot ProgramServiceMaster Lower Mainland - No Ladder Van

Throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland we offer unlimited spot carpet cleaning. Our spot cleaning program helps mitigate spots caused by garbage spills, pet stains, and other liquids between services. This is an Annual Unlimited supplementary service, where we come out to clean any spots reported by a building within 48 hours.


Find out more about our Unlimited Spot Cleaning Program


ServiceMaster Clean uses carpet cleaning processes and equipment that has been approved by the Canadian Rug Institute (CRI).


We adhere to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for professional carpet cleaning. Our technicians are trained and certified.