Health and Safety

At ServiceMaster Clean Property Services our commitment to safety is absolute. Safety is not just our first priority; it is an ongoing process that encapsulates everything that we do. This means keeping up to date with the right safety practices and using safety training webinars from companies such as ICW Group to help with keeping everyone informed. We see the time and money put into safety as investments in our future rather than just the cost of doing business. Our employees are like our family and we want to protect them.

We see robust and dynamic safety systems as essential to our success. Within our organization we strive to promote safety culture. We reward employees for bringing attention to unsafe work and reporting accidents and we use this information to continually improve our safety processes. We include our field staff in safety initiatives through an active Joint Health and Safety committee. We hold regular meetings with our workers to identify and address safety concerns and our team of dedicated safety professionals works tirelessly to solve them.

We provide ongoing safety training to our staff, starting with extensive online learning covering all aspects of their jobs. They also learn what safety equipment they should be wearing, whether that be gloves (like those from or elsewhere) or harnesses, and so on. We then send our staff for appropriate third-party training, even when this duplicates the training that they’ve done inhouse. After extensive training, new employees are mentored for a period of time before being assigned any responsibilities and when necessary, regular retraining takes place. It is because of this that our crews are very knowledgeable about the hazards of their work. For example, one of the main risks our exterior crews face while cleaning gutters, windows and dryer vents is falling from height and in this area, we provide considerable additional training in fall protection, boom lift operations, first aid and even industrial rope access.

Most reputable organizations have written safety plans, policies and procedures, and, in some cases, employees may even be familiar with them, but rarely is there sufficient over site from management to ensure this paperwork is actually being adhered to. At ServiceMaster we utilize a combination of technologies and digital field management applications. Our crews complete detailed hazard assessments and upload them to a central database where they are reviewed along with the job photos. We have a dedicated safety manager who randomly spot checks worksites for compliance, as well as addressing any safety concerns workers might have.

When new issues are identified they are quickly acted upon. Policies and paperwork are changed, training and equipment provided, and our methods updated. It is our belief that safety is an ongoing dynamic process of continual hazard identification and review. A process that involves everyone.