High-Rise Window Cleaning Vancouver

ServiceMaster Clean has been cleaning windows in the Greater Vancouver area for over twenty years. As a result, we were early to adopt industrial rope access and we adapted it to cleaning high-rise windows in 2009. Since this time, we have used certified rope access technicians for high-rise window cleaning with fantastic results. This long history has allowed us to build our rope access team, procedures and abilities. Because of this, our teams of rope access professionals have extensive experience washing high rise windows.


Rope Access Systems

We use industrial rope access for high-rise window cleaning because it is the most effective and safest to access the side of a high rise building. Our Rope access technicians are certified through one of two bodies, SPRAT or IRATA. Both of these systems require technicians to pass third party testing to obtain their certification. Our Rope Access workers maintain logbooks and undergo ongoing training and testing.

Our qualified rope access technicians are always securely fastened to at least two independent rope systems when cleaning high rise windows. These two points of attachment include a primary working line and backup safety system. The inclusion of a backup system makes it almost impossible to accidentally fall. Rope access technicians can self-rescue or rescue teammates if they run into any problems. These systems are also very flexible, allowing users to move around freely. Workers using rope access systems can also transfer horizontally between rope systems while suspended, increasing their ability to work a large area quickly. This makes it safer and more efficient than bosun chairs or swing stages.

Health and Safety

Service Master Property Services’s clean promotes a culture of health and safety above all else. Our field crews meet or exceed all health and safety standards and regulations. We have a full time health and safety officer who orients and oversees our staff and who performs random site inspections. All jobs require a safety plan to be completed before work commences. Our dedication to safety begins at the hiring phase, where we select only the most safety conscious applicants. After we’ve hire the right people for the job, we provide them with detailed orientation and safety training. New employees go through a detailed safety training process, before they are released into the field. Our safety first culture demands that if it cannot be done safely, it cannot be done at all


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