Cold Weather Service

ServiceMaster Clean’s cold-weather service includes snow removal and the application of ice melt to all of your property’s common areas except roadways and parking lots. (services provided for walkways, entrances, and sidewalks)

The best practice when selecting a cold-weather service provider is to hire two separate contractors to complete the work. One for sidewalks, building perimeters, inner common areas, parkade ramps, and roundabouts and one for roadways and parking lots. Different types of equipment and methods of delivery are required for each service

Our Cold Weather Service includes the use of our real-time field management system that provides email and SMS confirmations detailing the status of each site visit. We also provide a complete field report, with date-stamped photos.

When entrusting a contractor with your snow removal and de-icing needs, it is critical that all parties involved are on the same page regarding what triggers a service, the scope of the work and the frequency. Thus when setting up a new site we request a site map with highlighted areas to be cleared of snow and where ice melt should be applied.



  • Snow removal is completed via snow blowers and labour
  • The service area includes sidewalks, building perimeters, inner common areas, parkade ramps, roundabouts
  • Areas not included: ROADWAYS and PARKING LOTS
  • One site visit per day – crew on-site until service is completed
  • Additional man, hours to be invoiced at $ 85.00 Per
  • 2 units of ice melt included, additional units Invoiced at $ 28.00 per


Automatic Call Out is defined and Triggered as follows:
+ or -2“ Depth for Determining Automatic Snow Removal. ServiceMaster Clean shall determine the trigger depth. Ice Melt will be applied when: Weather Network or Environment Canada has forecasting temperatures to be in zero (0) degrees or lower or if freezing is anticipated.


Entry Ice Melt

95 % of material within 15 ‘ of Entry Ways Tracks into a Property, this includes Ice Melt which can cause Discoloration and Corrosion to building materials, floors, railings, etc..  also chloride ice melt kills plants and harms pets paws.

We’ve introduced a New Weapon In our De-Icing lineup called Entry. It’s a Chloride-Free solution that is far superior to regular ice melt both in its effectiveness and environmental consequences. It’s a residue-free liquid formula that doesn’t track indoors or cause damage to surroundings plants or pets.

We’re offering it free of charge on all de-icing contracts for major entryways. We decided to make this shift because we’re committed to being a responsible steward of the environment and to our clients’ properties.

If you’re interested in our de-icing program, please don’t hesitate to contact us, daily service programs start from $ 225.00 per visit as required.