For high rise vent cleaning, building façade cleaning and high rise window clean, there are two methods typically used, rope access and bosun’s chair. At ServiceMaster Clean Residential, we exclusively use Rope Access do to safety and efficiency considerations. In general, Chairs (bosun) are less regulated than rope access, and are significantly less safe. This is because they do not have two constant points of restraint (only one) and lack a self-rescue capability. Moreover they are descent-only systems, meaning the user is very limited in the direction they can move. If they discover an error above or to the side, they often are unable to deal with it and will leave the deficiency. They become significantly less effective on ornate buildings with large architectural features which impede a straight line drops.

Rope Access has become the standard cleaning and maintenance method for high rise buildings. It is highly regulated within the industry and by governments. There are several certification types, with International Rope Access Trade Association offering the only worldwide recognized designation. All of our technicians have a level 1 IRATA rating equivalent or better.  Technicians using this method are always in two points of restraint, and can move laterally if a third rope is present. This flexibility enables technicians to be significantly more effective at cleaning, as they are able to adapt to changing circumstances. This also allows us to provide almost any cleaning service required, and even some light maintenance work. This includes changing external light bulbs on masts, effecting minor repairs on facades or removing a bird’s nest after hatching season is complete. Our certified technicians can quickly and safely undertake these tasks, providing an economical response to a building’s needs.

Rope Access can eliminate the need for costly stage lifts since it is the only regulated method for working on over height buildings.