Our Team

President & General Manager

David Benoit

David has been been a part of ServiceMaster family for over twenty years, starting with residential cleaning in Vancouver. David expanded the firm's focus of the company from carpet cleaning to janitorial and exterior cleaning. He soon bought the business, and grew it to its present size. He loves technology and is constantly pushing to apply new systems to improve the level of service to customers. He is always readily accessible and is constantly interacting with clients to meet their needs and their concerns. Out of the office, David is an avid sportsman, having played rugby, squash, tennis and golf competitively for much of his life.

AGM & Account Manager

Fredy Cayta

Fredy has worked at ServiceMaster Clean Residential since 2006. His worked the first four years as a carpet cleaning technician, which he then transitioned to become an account manager for the floorcare division since 2010. For both positions he has shown consistent dedication to his work. His years as a field technician is a definite asset: he possesses a deep technical knowledge of the industry. Fredy usually can provide an authoritative answer to a client quickly, which will resolve their problem. He is also an avid outdoorsman, and can be frequently found paddle boarding, hiking and camping all along the West Coast with his family.

Account Manager

Rachel Hart

Rachel is the exterior division account manager. She handles all of the ventilation, window cleaning, pressure washing and building envelope cleaning. She initially joined ServiceMaster Clean as a field technician, and holds a level 3 SPRAT, the highest rating possible to obtain. Due to her excellent technical knowledge and great customer service skills Rachel became an account manager in 2014. She routinely surprises clients with the expertise she brings to the job, offering expert answers to tough questions. Originally hailing from Manitoba she is extremely passionate about health and fitness, playing a number of sports and practicing Yoga.

Account Manager

Angel Cividanes

Angel is the janitorial account manager. The quality most people would use to describe him is his passion for everything he involves himself in. You are unlikely to meet a person more concerned and dedicated to making the customer happy than Angel. He is always on top of of your concerns and will go the extra mile to provide the best service possible. Angel is a rugby fanatic, due to having played and coached on a number of high level teams in Argentina and British Columbia. Furthermore, he is an avid reader of history, and can often be seen reading a book on any number of topics.

Office Administrator

Paola Arteaga

Paola is an experienced professional with over 12 years of experience across multiple disciplines including process modeling, quality assurance and quality control. Paola joined ServiceMaster in February 2022 and since then she has become an indispensable team member. Paola excels in crucial administrative tasks, including accounting, payroll management, and efficient communication through reception duties. Her vibrant personality fosters a positive and collaborative team environment.

Outside of work, Paola enjoys music, dance, and gardening. Paola's dynamic skill set and warm demeanour make her an invaluable asset to ServiceMaster.

Office Manager

Mario Teutli

In spring 2023, Mario joined ServiceMaster, leveraging 15+ years of expertise in administration, data delivery, and finance. His results-driven, analytical approach stems from diverse experience in management and operations, particularly in manufacturing and construction.

Mario excels in corporate finance and team leadership, offering invaluable skills for navigating challenges. Focused on enhancing decision-making, he establishes information and control systems for data-driven insights in financial and operational realms. Mario creatively solves problems, aids team members within constraints, and emphasizes practical ideas to drive progress.

Holding an MBA and a Master's in Taxation, Mario combines a robust education with practical finance experience. Beyond work, he enjoys board games and sci-fi content in his personal life.

Business Development Manager

Kevin Canlas

Kevin began his professional journey in the role of HR manager within his family's food production business before joining the ServiceMaster team. With a background spanning six years as a manager in the family's food preparation company, he adeptly handled various roles, including operations, HR, and sales. Seeking a fresh perspective and greater autonomy, Kevin pursued an MBA and subsequently served as an executive assistant at Anytime Fitness, gaining exposure to diverse business operations in a new industry.

The opportunity to join ServiceMaster as a Business Development Manager resonated with Kevin's career aspirations. His passion lies in developing and nurturing customer relationships, and he admires how ServiceMaster leverages technology to achieve this goal. This alignment with his vision of an ideal business/customer relationship fuels Kevin's enthusiasm for contributing to ServiceMaster's success.

Exterior Operations Manager

Slavko Buncic

Slavko Buncic, our Exterior Operations Manager, entered the ServiceMaster family as a subcontractor for carpet cleaning in February 2012. His journey within the company exemplifies his adaptability and unwavering dedication.

Similar to Fredy, Slavko began as a floorcare technician, later transitioning to the exterior division, showcasing his versatility. With a work ethic second to none and extensive experience in both fields, he stands out as a pivotal member of our team. Taking on the role of Exterior Operations Manager in 2017, Slavko consistently exceeds expectations, bringing valuable expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Outside the office, Slavko enjoys cooking, watching movies, and travel. His diverse skills and genuine passion for his work make Slavko an invaluable asset to the ServiceMaster team.

OHS, Risk & Customer Success Manager

Greg Korpela

Since 2019 Greg has been an important part of the ServiceMaster team, serving as the OH&S Manager, Risk Manager, and Customer Success Manager.

Greg's professional foundation is rooted in his role as a Paramedic, a career he embarked upon with the BC Ambulance Service in 2008. He has also been a rope access technician since 2009, expanding his expertise to work in complex access and high-risk environments.

With a keen eye for safety, Greg excels in creating robust systems and processes. His proficiency extends to data analysis and leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency.

Greg's multifaceted skill set has been honed through years of experience, making him a valuable asset to the team. His dedication to safety, coupled with a strategic approach to problem-solving, ensures the well-being of both employees and customers alike.