Lunch & Learns – Great Sandwiches! Gutter Cleaning – Timing,  The Myth -Unlimited Spot Cleaning Floor Care Cold Weather Service – Budgeting – 10K

This Month’s News 

Lunch & Learns – Great Sandwiches!
Gutter Cleaning – Timing,  The Myth 
Unlimited Spot Cleaning Floor Care
Cold Weather Service – Budgeting – 10K

It’s November 

In the Strata Cleaning economy, there is no doubt that November is the starting point for the winter season. In this edition of Strata Cleaning News, we touch on the fable of “Let’s clean the gutters when all the leaves have fallen” and why there is a better attack plan. We also cover our popular floor care unlimited spot cleaning program and provide some insights into budgeting for this year’s de-icing and snow removal services.

The Property Manager is expected to be an expert on everything and that contains cleaning services. We can help – cleaning services represent a large budget item and a major touch point.

We have an exciting Lunch & Learn Program we offer to property managers – with a meal included. We can’t pass 30 years of accumulated learnings in an hour, but we can share ways to make your workday easier. Did I mention a free lunch with a gourmet sandwich shop in your office? If your company is interested, please get in touch with me and we can set up a date.

Enjoy your week, and if we can help in any way never hesitate to reach out.



Strata Cleaning News September

This Month’s News…

The Innovator of Gutter Cleaning Programs
Connected Customer View – 360 Degree
WorkSafeBC Core Certification
Virtual Supervision – Janitorial

It’s September…

Did you know ServiceMaster Clean Property Services is The Innovator of Gutter Cleaning Programs? So, what is all the Fuss about? Let’s put it this way: Over 300 Stratas in the lower mainland benefit from unlimited service calls after their Full Cleanings for less than $ 500 annually. 


Ensuring the Longevity of Your Dryer Duct System: Maintenance Cleaning vs. Restorative Cleaning


Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of a home’s dryer system. Dryer duct cleaning is extremely important since this critical maintenance task prevents potential problems such as fire and water damage.

Despite what most people think, the most common damage resulting from improperly maintained dryer ducts is moisture damage, not fire. This is because, when a blockage occurs condensation forms and collects within the pipe. Over time, this moisture can find its way into the structure causing thousands of dollars of damage to the building.


Strata Cleaning News August

This Month’s News…

Water Restrictions – Stage 2 – Commercial Cleaning Services = NO Impact
COR Certification – How Does It Help Our Customers ?
Virtual Supervision – Janitorial Mgmt. – How Does It Work?

Summer Discount Schedule 

    • 15 % Exterior Services – Building Washing – Roof Treatment – Soft Washing – Window Cleaning
    • 25 % Janitorial Mgmt. – Caretaker Services – First Month


Strata Cleaning News – February 2023

This Month’s News…

It’s Quoting Season
Recurring Schedule aka Building Maintenance Programs
The Role Of Supervision in Janitorial Management
All The Ways We Can Help


Quoting Season

This time of year Property Managers come out of winter dormancy and start asking for quotes. Our volume Skyrockets………….

Stratas are seeking a Service not a product when engaging a Cleaning Contractor. Services are not monochrome, they are delivered by the Front Line and by and large can’t be returned. Service Demand Failure can be turned down when selecting contractors to quote. Top Causes of Pain with Cleaning Trades

    1. Alignment on Scope of Work,
    2. Spotty Track Record
    3. Unproven Health and Safety Program
    4. Lack of Strata Experience

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Strata Cleaning News – Sept

This Month’s News…

It’s Roof Cleaning Month
Gutter Cleaning Programs “Most Popular”
Snow Removal and De-Icing  – Select a Contractor
IREM Golf Tourney


It’s September! Which means for residential buildings it is a transition and planning month.  It’s also a great time to soft wash roofs, build a plan for your gutter cleaning and select the right contractor for your Cold Weather Service.


Having Trouble Getting Quotes ?

I recently met with 55 customers and asked them about their current experiences in the Strata cleaning world. The most common stress point was the slow turn around on, or complete lack of, quotes.

We get it, it’s a different market with inflation and labour pressures. Part of our customer experience strategy is to work in real time and turn around quotes within days. We don’t always make that threshold, but we’re pretty good. Understanding our process for turning around quotes is useful for explaining where the issues are and how to navigate it successfully. We instantly enter every request in our system and track how many days until it is sent to the customer.


The roof over your head

Your roof is arguably your home’s most important feature. Without a roof, you wouldn’t have a home at all, just a yard with walls and a floor. Your home’s roof keeps the rain and snow out. In the winter it keeps the heat in and in the summer it provides shade. It also protects your walls, floor, foundation, and whatever valuables you keep inside. Your home’s roof is so important, that people often refer to their home simply as “the roof over their head.”READ MORE