Advance Gutter Cleaning Option (NEW)

Advance Gutter Cleaning Option (NEW)

Gutter cleaning is not a one time event. As a result, ServiceMaster Clean Property Services created the Gutter Maintenance Programs, which enabled buildings to deal with the health of their gutter systems over a twelve month period.

The Unlimited Spot Cleaning component is very successful in this effort. We would like to announce our next evolution in our Gutter Cleaning plans.



If a site waits until all the foliage falls, they place their gutter system under unnecessary risk ofnot functioning during heavy rains prior to sub-zero temperatures. Most coniferous trees drop debris all year long.

The Solution is Simple, if a building selects the Advance Gutter Cleaning Program Option, the operations team schedules Two Services – a full cleaning before the end of November and an additional service in Dec and Jan. During the Second Service they inspect the gutters and re-clean areas needed.

What does this cost? Roughly $ 400.00 to $ 700.00 more per site.