Ventilation Cleaning Strata Properties – Push Vs Pull – Water Damage ?

Trouble Shooting Water Damage In Dryer Vents

The biggest misconception behind dryer vent cleaning is actually the reason why most people think its necessary. Its not because of the fire risk: they are exceedingly rare occurrences, and usually occur due to the lint trap in the dryer itself not being properly cleaned. Rather, the real risk emerges from blocked vents that condense moisture from the dryer. This, over time, pools, and can cause thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in damage. The trick, if it can be called that, is early diagnosis of the problem. The first signs of a blockage may seem relatively benign: excessive humidity and steaming in the residence as the air “blows back” from the vent. Clothes may take longer to dry. 

Once condensation occurs and the water starts to pool, the next step is to observe direct signs of damage. Frequently the water find a seam in the vent, which allows it to spill out into the surrounding area. Within the affected region, this will quickly look like any other water leak, including discolouration of the affected material. 

If any of these signs seem familiar to you, let us know… we’ll look at the situation together and determine the best course of action.

From The Interior or Exterior – Push vs. Pull ? 

This is a question we often receive when clients get a quote which offers both options. Its not a precise science, but there are a few considerations to be aware of before making a decision. Simply put, the difference is where we insert the skip into the vent. In both cases we blow out the debris through the vent. For pull, or “outside only” cleanings, we insert the skip from the outside until it reaches the dryer, then blow back the debris to the outside. For inside cleaning, we insert the skip at the start of the vent by the dryer, and push everything out. We usually do an outside clean with an inside one to make sure that the vent exit is clear and functional. The combination of an in and out is the most effective way to clean a vent, though there is a premium due to the extra effort involved.

However for many vents, especially one that have been regularly cleaned and are at low risk of blockage, an outside only will suffice. We can usually do these without requiring suite access, which saves time and the cost to the strata. If you have any questions, call us today and we will determine the best course of action for your particular needs.

Push Vs Pull