Chloride Free – Entry Ways – No More Ice Melt in Your Buildings – ENTRY

If you have a building on our de-icing service plan, you might notice a subtle difference in our service in the coming weeks. Traditional ice melt product can have environmental effects. This is largely due to the presence of chloride ions in salt, which is effective at breaking down frozen water, but is also highly corrosive to other substances it comes into contact with. Concrete and tile will slowly discolor after prolonged exposure. Organic compounds, such as carpet fiber and plants are also damaged over time. Even pets paws can suffer damage, as the chloride dries the skin and creates cracks. A better solution is out there.

In our pursuit of finding greener solutions for everyday problems, we’ve introduced a new system to our de-icing lineup. Its called Entry, and it’s a chloride-free solution that is far superior to regular salt both in its effectiveness and environmental consequences. It’s a residue free liquid formula that doesn’t track indoors, or cause damage to surroundings. While somewhat more costly, we have decided to make this shift, as it’s residue free, and does not track indoors or cause nearly the harm salt does on outside plants and animals.

Over the next few weeks we will be applying the solution to entryways on all of our buildings, while retaining regular salt for sidewalks. Being applied in liquid form means that you won’t be able to see it applied in the same way as salt, but the area will be ice or snow free when it is.