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Privacy Policy



At ServiceMaster Clean Residential Vancouver your privacy and the security of your data is one of our primary concerns.  Any breach of that trust would negatively affect our relationship, which we want to avoid. Thus any information we collect is only to help us directly serve you as a customer, and improve your service experience.

How do we collect data? 
We collect data in several ways, this includes through emails or other messages sent to us by you or your organization, information given during personal discussions, and publicly available data. We also collect non-personalized data on our website, which is used to monitor our clients’ usage and browsing behavior.
What do we use the data for?
We may use this to provide information about our company, such as personalized service information, as well as promotional and marketing information.
Will we share our data? 
Data may be provided to other Servicemaster organizations for specific service requests that fit into their area, or for global marketing efforts. For example, if you were to call to inquire about a commercial cleaning opportunity, we may share your information to an appropriate franchise in your area,  Your data will not be sent out to non-ServiceMaster third parties, nor will be sent in a bulk form. All aggregated, non-personalized data collected through our website will not shared either. However our data may be stored in a different jurisdiction, and may be subject to the access requests from governments and other bodies with the legal right to do so. In such we will make a reasonable attempt to meet all of the required legal requirements imposed on data usage.
Do you use Cookies? 
Our website uses cookies to provide a more personalized experience, such as saving viewing preferences. They are stored on your computer, and can be turned off on any time and will only have a minimal effect on the operation of the websites’ functions.
Your Consent.
By using our website and its functions, you consent to the above terms and conditions. 
Please use our contact us page for up-to-date information on how to contact us.