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ServiceMaster Clean specializes in strata cleaning in Vancouver and the surrounding area. We offer a wide range of cleaning services to residential properties, stratas, apartments and townhouse complexes. For example, we provide a complete selection of interior cleaning services, such as floor care, carpet cleaning and janitorial services. We also offer a comprehensive selection of exterior cleaning services, such as gutter cleaning, façade cleaning and window cleaning.


ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver has 3 distinct cleaning divisions which collectively offer complete maintenance solutions to stratas and property managers. Together, these divisions allow us to clean your building from top to bottom, inside and out. Our exterior division can perform any exterior cleaning task anywhere on the outside of your building, no matter how big. Similarly, our interior divisions can clean any aspect of the inside of your building. Especially your floor where our floor care and carpet cleaning specialists excel at difficult projects.


Strata Cleaning and Property Maintenance in Vancouver

A key focus of our business is to provide strata properties with comprehensive cleaning solutions to fit all of their needs. Over the years we have provided a wide variety of cleaning services at a countless number of strata properties, working with nearly ever strata management company in Greater Vancouver. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for virtually every strata cleaning need. We provide comprehensive janitorial and floor care solutions, including carpet cleaning to the entire Lower Mainland. In addition, we have extensive experience cleaning gutters and washing windows in townhouse complex and other strata buildings.


Cleaning strata buildings and complexes adds additional customer service considerations. For example, in a strata we have not just one or two customers to make happy, but many. This is due to the nature of stratas being corporations, run by councils and made up of owners. Also of consideration, is ownership of the property. Most people tend to care about the value of their own property and how it looks more than properties that they simply manage. In the case of a commercial building, a service provider usually only has to make the building owner or manager happy to ‘do a good job.’ When we deal with a strata, we need to impress the strata manager and often the entire council who are all also owners.


This is where ServiceMaster excels beyond other companies when providing strata cleaning and maintenance services in Vancouver. By combining excellent front line services, customer support and real-time reporting, we are better able to satisfy most customers in a single servicing.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Our exterior division has extensive experience cleaning building façades, roofs and windows throughout the Lower Mainland. This includes window washing, pressure washing, soft washing, dryer vent cleaning and roof cleaning. Our crews have the tools, equipment and training to accomplish almost any exterior building cleaning or maintenance task.


Building Envelope and Façade Cleaning

We have decades of experience cleaning building façades using pressure washing, soft washing and scrub brushes. For this reason we are an obvious choice for stratas and property managers when it comes to selecting an experienced company to clean their building. From concrete high rise buildings and parkades to vinyl clad town houses, we have the knowhow to clean it right.


Dryer Vent and Dryer Duct Cleaning

With more than a decade of dryer vent cleaning experience, our technicians have cleaned hundreds of thousands of dryer vents and dryer ducts. We utilize a wide variety of equipment to clean dryer ducts, including an air skip or drill attachment. Additionally, for access we utilize a variety of techniques from boom-lifts and ladders to industrial rope access.


Gutter Cleaning

It is critical that gutters drain properly and continue to drain properly throughout the wet Vancouver winter. A single annual gutter cleaning may not be sufficient in the Lower Mainland. Continued evergreen debris, winter storms and heavy rain may undo the best fall gutter cleaning in Vancouver. A better option is to enroll in one of our Gutter Cleaning Programs, and receive periodic spot cleaning of problem areas throughout the season.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the obvious choice for some applications such as cleaning parkades. Without a doubt, when it comes to parkade washing and concrete cleaning, pressure washing is the right technique for the job. In other cases, such as when cleaning delicate siding, a better approach might be chemical soft washing.  Regardless of the exterior surface, our experienced technicians know the best approach to do the job.


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a building, both on the outside and the inside. Our crews are highly experienced at washing windows with a variety of window cleaning methods. We’ll professionally clean your windows to a sparkling shine anywhere in the Lower Mainland.


Interior Services

ServiceMaster Clean Canada has been a leader in the cleaning industry for over 60 years. Over the decades they have the developed innovative techniques and systems to ensure that we can handle any situation.


As the core of our business we have always specialized on interior cleaning. For more than three decades we have provided the Greater Vancouver Area with janitorial services, carpet cleaning and floor care services. We also offer a complete selection of interior cleaning options to suit almost any need. Such as, high touch disinfection services, general cleaning and area disinfecting services, In addition, we provide professional upholstery cleaning and hard surface cleaning services throughout the Lower Mainland.


Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care

Our carpet cleaning and floor care solutions are unparalleled in the industry. Based on more than 60 years of research and innovation, there are very few companies that can provide a comparable level of floor cleaning service. We utilize proprietary cleaning products and equipment that have been designed specifically for the task for more than a generation. When it comes to tackling a difficult stain, we bring more technology to the fight than nearly any competitor.

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