With our longer summers, and violent winter storms, we no longer have an easily defined “fall” season where the leaves fall from the trees in a predictable manner. Rather a summer storm can bring down new healthy green growth, as well as large branches, followed by normal falling leaves in the fall. In the spring we’ve seen birds try to nest in dry gutters, only to abandon a mess of sticks and solid objects when rain comes. Finally many areas of the Lower Mainland are largely covered by pine needles and other coniferous branches, which fall throughout the year.

One cleaning is often never enough to meet all of these different challenge. Thus we offer a Gutter Care program, where we undertake our usual gutter cleaning, then a number of return visits to manage any subsequent issues. We can resolve any specific issue up to the point where a major repair is required, and provide you a customized report with the result. This will conclusively resolve all of a strata’s potential problems and ensure the proper functioning of your gutters year-round.