Dryers are a highly used features in buildings: occupied suites or homes will use it anywhere from once every two weeks to every day. If a suite is unoccupied, obviously it will not be used at all. Moreover the quality of the venting design can cause issues. Poor design or materials can mean excessive debris and buildup in the system. Thus it is difficult to find a one-size fits all solution for cleaning dryer vents: for some a yearly clean is not sufficient. Another issue we encounter is when we undertake inside cleaning and the residents are unable to make an appointment. Though we often undertake a return visit to finish any units we may have missed, there are always several units that elude our best efforts.

Dryer vent cleaning care programs are a solution for these problems. In addition to our regular cleaning, we include several return visits to ensure that can ensure that all residents’ vents are cleaned and that any unexpected issues may occur over a year are resolved. For a modest premium, we add unlimited return visits and ensure that the client receives a report when the visit is completed.